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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
Debt Relief ~ Bankruptcy Law ~ Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13
In a challenging economy, many unexpected events can wreak havoc on finances. Job loss, divorce, illness, injury or other casualty often leads to foreclosure, judgments, garnishments, repossessions, utility shutoffs and other creditor actions.  For a business, the loss of a vital contract or a sustained downturn in revenue can lead to an unsustainable situation, including asset seizures. Informal or self-help debt relief remedies may be available.  If they are not, the choice of last resort is to seek protection from creditors by filing a bankruptcy petition. In many cases, it is possible for individuals to keep property such as a home and car, prevent utility disconnections, stop wage and bank account garnishments, arrange to pay child or spousal support, and settle debts.  A business may continue to operate while it formulates a plan to pay creditors. 
The Bankruptcy Code remains available to people and business who need assistance with changed financial circumstances.  In order to file a bankruptcy case, most individuals must provide documentation of funds received in the previous six months (exclusive of the month of filing) to determine the type of case to file. Financial counseling from a certified provider is also a prerequisite to filing a case.  Documentation of income, expenses, assets and debts is also required in all cases. For individuals, a Chapter 13 adjustment allows a debtor to make a full and fair settlement of debt voluntarily and with dignity in one monthly payment.  If a Chapter 13 plan is not feasible, a Chapter 7 liquidation may be necessary.  Businesses generally must file a Chapter 11 case to reorganize or a Chapter 7 to liquidate. 
There are alternatives to suffering at the mercy of creditors. Attorney Theodore Saker has nearly thirty years of experience representing clients in bankruptcy court. Call or email for an appointment to determine whether bankruptcy can help you restore your finances to a sound basis.
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